This page is for announcements of social activities involving participants in STARS07.


We have a standing get together on Monday evenings starting at 7ish at Dargans Pub on Ortega and State street in Santa Barbara:
Dargans' homepage . Here are directions and the link to their food menu. Everybody is welcome and talking shop is encouraged.

Additionally we go for dinners with our speakers one day in the middle of the week. You'll receive email invitations to join in.
Tom Abel


If there is a number of folks interested in surfing lessons we should explore the best options to get a class together.

Tom Abel, Jonathan Foster and Naoki Yoshida went the first weekend. Lots of fun!
Chris Matzner, Eve Ostriker, Jonathan Tan, and Elizabeth Tasker went the second weekend, and had fun while getting clobbered by the swell.

So far everyone has used the santa barbara adventure company . They were very accommodating, and did a great job.

Currently we have for the next round (please add your name here):
Paolo Padoan (why not....(:-)), Markus Hupp

Also if you are riding your bicycle from KITP to downtown SB area and would like company, edit this page to add likely times and meeting points.**
Tom Abel : ~ 5pm from KITP


Lars recommends Beckmen, Rusack and Sunstone. Stella agrees on the first two, and also recommends BlackJack; she describes Fess Parker and Rancho Sisquoc as "decent." A listing of Santa Barbara wineries can be found here