Here are some quick links to recent COMPLETE results that will give simulators fodder for "comparisons" during the code-testing week.

Figures from almost-submitted (95%-done draft available upon request!) Perseus column density summary paper by Goodman, Pineda, Schnee. Figure 4 shows column density histograms for several sub-regions, and Figure 2 shows the overall distribution for all of Perseus. We think the 2MASS/NICER results are most "reliable," but Paolo might disagree!

(Submitted) Paper by Pineda, Caselli & Goodman on abundances etc. in Perseus, but which shows additional information on regional variations in column density distribution.

ASCII table with the data used for the comparison of column densities. This only include points with CO(1-0) and 13CO(1-0) transitions detected and outside the clusters (where the extinction method is less reliable).

Maybe AG will submit the column density paper this week & be willing to post it here too!